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The corona period has driven me to introspection.  Repeatedly I have considered myself lucky. Having my own house, a warm home, a garden and every evening a not only nutritious, but also delicious meal.

I realised that countless people, especially families, have it so much worse than I do.  The austerity in social contacts, the economic implications, the available square metres at home, the loneliness. It is overwhelming. So overwhelming that I decided to do my bit, however small.

I contribute 20% of the proceeds from my 'remnants of a meal' photos to the ''.

Did you know that for every 5 euros, a family can eat for a week?

We who can enjoy the most delicious dishes in restaurants, can make a substantial contribution by donating to the food bank (Voedselbanken).

'Remnants of a meal' started as a kind of protest against behaviour on social media. Now, in this day and age, it transcends its original purpose.

The project is to make people realize that food is a necessity and that the empty plate is more important than the served one. It is there to show that we have enjoyed the meal.

Let's share this meal!

By participating in fundraising for the food banks, I hope that some of what I enjoyed will find its way to a family in need.

This idea  'Remnants of a meal' and photos were recorded in i-DEPOT nr. 94299 on August 3, 2016 .

To decorate your kitchen or dining room, photos can be ordered by sending a message through this website. Each photo costs 40 euro. A framed photo (31x25cm) costs 68 euro. Series of 30 prints. 

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